About Us

Happy Milk is an environmentally friendly business supplying glass-bottled milk to offices, restaurants, coffee shops and hotels across Johannesburg.

Founded by environmental enthusiasts with the philosophy “We take care of the Earth; the Earth will take care of us” and a “Cradle to Cradle” approach.

Values such as freshness, environmentally friendly, and integrity translate into an authentic quality product.

Our milk is supplied by a local dairy business since 1955. We buy only the best milk and all our milk are tested in a well-equipped lab before production starts. With more than 50 years of producing dairy products, you are sure to always get the best value products.

Partnering for change

By purchasing milk in glass, you will be assisting in our aim to reduce plastic waste from entering our oceans and landfill. Let’s work together to create a healthier, safer and cleaner climate that will benefit every creature that lives on earth. For us to achieve this we need collective action. The onus is on us to make it happen.